FIRST AID KIT – A Premium Product


This is no ordinary first aid kit. I have seen many kits, professionally put together and homemade but this is the most well-planned, well thought out kit. I have personally had to use it on 2 occasions with great success. It has everything you need and more. The booklet is written so we can understand what to do. If you have pets, you should have this kit. It comes in an adorable lunch box type package.

I cant stress this enough, this kit is invaluable. We hope you never need it, but if you do, you will be totally thrilled and know its value, even for one use. It is well worth the price. $49.95 + 12.05 shipping = $62 = SHIPPING INCLUDED

You may purchase the comprehensive book for $8 (includes shipping). Contact us to request one.


Avian Insights Deluxe Avian First Aid Kit

Created by Dr. Susan Clubb –  
This kit is designed to help owners deal with minor injuries and help to stabilize a sick or injured bird. It is not a substitute for veterinary care, but could reduce the anxiety of a bird owner and reduce emergency fees if the bird could be stabilized overnight. Included in the kit is a booklet describing the most common first aid issues and how to handle them and how to determine when a bird needs emergency veterinary care.

There is also a quick-reference list to quickly determine how to use the items in the kit. In addition to the booklet and “quick list” the deluxe kit contains a small hand towel for restraint, towelettes, gauze sponges, latex gloves, DMSO (for pain and swelling), cotton tip applicators, corn starch to help clotting, a penlight, silver nitrate sticks to stop bleeding from nails,soap to stop bleeding nails, 4 instruments (Scissors, hemostats, thumb forceps and needle holders), emery boards, pet flex tape for bandaging, hand rearing formula for emergency feeding, syringes and feeding tips, antibiotic ointment and eye wash solution. It comes conveniently boxed in a plastic box.

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Weight 7 lbs


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